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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Life is a remarkable journey that takes us up and down a road of happiness, growth, personal interaction, love, fear and sometimes pain and hardship, which comes with all the good we are blessed with. Everyone has their own journey, yet we all experience the same emotions and struggles that are synonymous with life.
From birth to death we are always experiencing sensations from the world we live in. We are nurtured, loved, taught and grow  through every good time and bad time we encounter. Every stage of our life prepares us for the next. We learn to be social beings by socializing with our loved ones and also everyday people who cross our path. We learn about each other through interaction.
As we travel along our own road we may remember people who were once an important part of our lives. We may not see these people anymore but, they  will always be remembered on our journey of discovery.  Relatives, old friends, teachers and  mentors  have aided us in our development and also helped us along this remarkable journey of existence.
We hit milestones as babies and prepare for many years of school and learning. We sometimes move from one house to another, date different people, travel or stay local. As we age and our body goes through the many  changes from birth to death we can visually observe transformations that take place. We start out vulnerable and dependent and, before the journey is completed we can easily end up vulnerable and dependent once again as we age and get older.
We work hard to accomplish our goals and discipline ourselves to be productive people who can make a difference in this wonderful world we live in. We start out learning from others and if we are lucky enough, down the road we can teach others the information we obtained, as we passed through certain stages of growth.
We should not rush through our journey because, every stage along the way can never be taken back. We can not pass through again. We need to continue forward as life does not give us a do over. Life is short and as we look back, it seems like it was yesterday,  when it very well may have been many years, that  we were in a particular place at a particular time.   
The destination is not the goal. Although those of us who believe in a heaven should prepare and be good people on earth to obtain the final glory of peace and tranquility.  But,  as we live our lives we should always take our time traveling along our journey.  We should remember all the goodness and experiences that crossed our path and realize each stop along the way is part of the whole picture. 
Life is a continuous journey of wonderful experiences that shape us.  We should always embrace our joys and sorrows, knowing that it is all part of where we are going and who we will be. The happiness that we feel and the many emotions we have  with take us up and down this magnificent road of beauty, love, peace, joy and loss that is all  truly part of life's journey.  Every step along the way should be savored, understood and enjoyed as it is meant to be.

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